Declaration of Corporate Logo Change

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【L: Previous  Logo / R: 2017 New Logo】

We are pleased to announce that STC has changed corporate logo. 

Year 2017 is a new beginning for STC. This year STC is transforming with greater focus on photography art and optics application technology and the resolution to expand into global market.

STC is a Taiwan-based camera lens filter company with distributors around the world. We offer a comprehensive range of filter, lens adapter, glass screen protector products and optics and chemical solutions and optical designation services. With Reddot design award and a range of professional certifications and industry memberships, STC clients can have absolute confidence in the quality of products and services that we deliver.

The new logo is designed as a simple and elegant figure that represents the innovative optical technology and finest materials of STC filters. From now on, we will apply new logo on all new products and PR material. Products with our previous logo are still available on the market and remain the same quality as we always provided. STC service team is always ready to satisfy your concern and questions about the hand-over.

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