Taiwan STC Filter Introducing the World’s First Sapphire UV Filter

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YOKOHAMA/JAPAN – 1 March 2018. Taiwan Company STC Optical Filter introduces brand-new filter series in 2018 CP+ Camera & Photo Image Show. STC presents the world premiere “Sapphire UV Filter” which is of the minimum optical path difference that reduces diffraction in the glass therefore reduces flare and ghost. The optical coating technology corrects color cast by suppressing ultraviolet light and infrared light, and the transmittance of visible light 400nm-650nm is 99.5%. STC adopts the world thinnest single-crystal Taiwan-made semiconductor glass, its structure by nature made the filter as strong as the chemical-strengthen 800Mpa glass. It will provide you with most trusty protection on both lens and images. STC Sapphire UV Filter will be launched since April 2018.

(STC Sapphire UV Filter 藍寶石保護鏡)

One more just launched product Astro Duo-Narrowband filter is to capture specific wavelengths of gaseous and planetary nebulae. Since many astrophotographers are of particular interest with the Hα emission line at 656nm and OIII at 500nm, STC Astro Duo performs high transmission and rejects light pollution as well as blocks longer wavelengths away. It realizes the dream of many deep-sky astro photographer shoot with fewer time and get detailed image. STC also present this time the nightscape filter that cut-off the light pollution in the city but retain the original color of cityscape and landscape.

(STC Astro Filter 光害濾鏡全系列產品)

For the clip-in filter series, STC will soon launched more camera models including Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Fujifilm APS-C and Olympus M43 cameras. Some customized clip ND filter for drone or Panasonic camera models will also be seen in this show. Also the color correction coated gelatin filter for some Canon and Sigma lens can be found here. The filter series ranges from astro, infrared, infrared cut and neutral desity. It’s efficient to change lens, applicable to fisheye lens and even more cost saving.

(STC Clip Filter 內置型濾鏡新品) 【上排】Nikon APS-C / PENTAX APS-C / SONY APS-C 【下排】Fujifilm APS-C / Olympus M43

(STC Slide-in Filter 鏡頭後插式光學濾片 for Canon/Sigma/Irix)

Last but as important, STC launched E-Warmer Defog Filter last year which is the world-first electrically conductive filter for solving lens fogging induces from the long-exposures shot in cold environment. We applied ITO (Indium tin oxide) clear coating on a 105mm diameter Schott® B270 optical glass and connected the filter with a semiconductor-based sensor that can be mounted on hot shoe. Using with your own portable power bank and USB 2.0 cable will the sensor offer a linear response to heat up the filter to 10˚F (5˚C), 20˚F (10˚C), 30˚F (15˚C) difference from the ambient temperature. There’s also the lighting for photo shooting in the night on the control.

(STC E-Warmer Defog Filter 電子加溫除霧濾鏡)

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