The tea plantations that cover the hills around Bihu create a beautiful scene. Heading up from Gukeng Township in Yunlin County on Country Road 149 , Bihu is reached after passing through Longyan; another route is through Taiping Village on County Highway 162 A from Meishan. In recent years Bihu has become known for its sunrise and has also benefitted from an increase in visitors to Taiping.

Farming is still the village’s main source of income. In the past longan trees were used to make charcoal, and daylilies and makino bamboo were also grown, with more recently ashitaba grown to make slimming tea.High mountain tea is the main source of income of the village today.

Efforts were made to attract more visitors to give villagers a new source of income. After Bihu became part of Alishan National Scenic Area the Administration built scenery viewing platforms at high points in the village and visitors have flooded in to watch the stars, especially shooting stars; 10,000 people went to watch shooting stars in the village one night. Bihu’s increasing popularity is easing some of the pressure from visitors on Alishan.

Photo by Yang An Shen