“The town of Chenggong was formerly known as “”Ma Lao Lo””, later known as the “”Xingang (New Port)””. It was not until after the war that it changed its name to “”Chenggong.”” 3500 years ago, the Chenggong was the settlement sit of the Kirin culture. Remains such as stone walls, stone coffins, stone axes, and thatch can be seen. This place had a very early origin.

Cheggong has a population of 17,000, including the 53% of the total Amis population. The Amis Harvest Festival is the essence of traditional culture which is also the most visible manifestation of Amis events. The harvest plays an important role in ethnic continuity and cultural preservation. The Harvest Festival is usually held in July to early August.

The town’s economic structure is mainly based on agriculture and fisheries. The major economic activity in the area is gathered around the fishing port of Singang. Singang is the largest port on the East Coast. Facing the Pacific, where there are Oyashio and Kuroshio currents that run by the port, Cheggong has great marine resources. The main fish catches are skipjack tuna, swordfish, dolphin fish, tuna and dried cod. And as far as aquaculture is concerned, the most rapid growth is among the abalone production.”

Photo by Yang An Shen