Coral Lake

Coral Lake is at the border of Guantian and Liujia. The lake is formed with the convergence of over 30 rivers. A reservoir was built here in 1920, which was the largest reservoir construction at that time. There are over 100 isles on the lake. The designer of the reservoir was Japanese, who was sent to Southeast Asia by the army. After World War II, his wife drowned herself in the reservoir. There is a statue of the Japanese engineer by the reservoir.

The reservoir has a special structure and the water flowing out of the reservoir forms a beautiful waterfall. On the left of the waterfall is Kuo Min Hotel, in back of which is a camping site. Beside the lake is Zhongzheng Park, which is on top of a hill. The park overlooks the lake and the mountains beyond. Nearby the lake is temple worshipping Goddess of Mercy and Sakyamuni Buddha.

Photo by Yang An Shen