Jiufan Old Street

Some say that Jiufen’s rising popularity is due to the movie “City of Sadness,” however, that is only because they have not finely experience the real beauty of this charming place. Not only has Jiufen preserve numerous old architectures of the Japanese colonial period, it too has maintained the unique atmosphere of a mountain city. While today’s Old Street continues to brim with people, it still maintains a quiet trail excellent for sightseeing. When in Jiufen, make sure to eat a bowl of taro ball dessert and sample an array of nostalgic small eats. Together, Jishan Street, Shuqi Road and Chingbien Road form a real-life storybook. Here is where you can explore the exciting story of Jiufen and simultaneously eat and shop. If you have ample time in your hands, have a visit at the Gold Museum to get a glimpse of the mining scenario back in its heyday.

Photo by Yang An Shen