Lion’s Head Mountain

The Origin of Lion’s Head (Lion’s Head Mountain) In the Dongguang Period of Qing Dynasty (1826), Hsinchu County Magistrate, Li Sheng-Yi hosted a ceremony to offer sacrifice to the mountain god at Jitianhu (today’s Nanjhuang Township). When he surveyed the beautiful nature surrounding him, he saw a mSuntain straddling across Hsinchu and Miaoli Counties at around 500 meters above sea level. It majestic shape looks like a lion head; therefore, he named it the Lion’s Head Mountain (Lion’s Head).

This area was originally settled by the Atayal and Saisiyat tribes. After the Hans began to settle in this area, the aborigines began to migrate deep into the mountains. Therefore, currently, this area is dominated by Hakka villages.

Photo by Yang An Shen