Meinong is a small southern Hakka community with plenty of visual charm. Meinong came out on top in the “Land of Smiles” internet survey jointly conducted by CommonWealth magazine and the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Its vibrant Hakka culture, rustic landscape, and simple, sincere residents make it a popular destination for visitors who want to experience the richness of the Hakka culture and way of life.

Harmony with Nature
The Hakka people have a close connection to the land—a link that is reflected in the community’s strong disposition towards environmental protection. In Meinong, nature and man coexist, bringing the butterflies, birds, and nature’s other creations close to hand.

Living Culture
Meinong has preserved its roots in Hakka tradition more fully than any other town in Taiwan. The best way to experience these living traditions is to stroll through the town and take part in its daily life activities.

Abundant Harvests and Delicious Cuisine
Clear water and ideal growing conditions have made Meinong a center for high-quality rice, vegetables and fruit. These ingredients combine with the town’s Hakka food culture to create a number of must-try specialty dishes.

Culture and Arts
Education and culture have always occupied a high place in Hakka communities. This is amply evident in Meinong, whose cultural atmosphere is everywhere evident in everyday life, both traditionally and with innovative new faces.

With its richness of culture, history, natural beauty, and tourism resources, Meinong is a destination you will want to see with your own eyes.

Photo by Yang An Shen