Pingxi Old Street

Having maintained the traditional long-shaped houses, every house in Pingxi is built with two floors, a common ancient architectural design of the past. First floors are almost always used as grocery stores, and there are even fabric or ice dessert stores that maintain the style seen during the Japanese colonial era. Each street and alley allows full visibility of the passing train, and has become one of Pingxi Old Street’s most important and unique characteristic.

In this old street brimming with ancient Japanese flavor, road signs are written in Chinese, English and even Japanese, giving visitors the feeling of being in Japan. Visitors can walk around and explore as they search for the most old-fashioned and nostalgic architectures. You can also walk aimlessly and watch the train whisk by from the railway bridge above your head, or rest at a nearby bed and breakfast inn, rent a bicycle and roam around Pingxi. In addition, you must make sure to visit the nearby ShiaoziMountain as this lush mountainous scenery is sure to turn your Pingxi Trip up a notch!

Photo by Yang An Shen