Sanxia Old Street

Want to see a cluster of ancient buildings? Want to see a Baroque-inspired elevated archway? Sanxia Old Street can be said to be the No. 1 old street of Taiwan. Walk down the seemingly endless red-brick arcade and take a look at all the shops named after their surnames. Here at Old Street , the atmosphere continuous to preserve the elegant appearance of the past and the shops continue to sell a sense of nostalgia, whether it be cold beverages, writing brushes or sweet cakes. Fans of historical monuments can visit Sanxia’s Zushih Temple—beautifully known as the “ArtGallery of the East”, and the memorial hall of Mei-Shu Li, the artist that spent a lifetime’s worth of efforts in the repair and renovation of Zushih Temple. If you’ve still got time on your hands, visit the country’s only indigo dye park and gain a deeper understanding of the culture. There are even DIY classes taught on-site!

Photo by Yang An Shen