“Shiyusan is the beach 10 kilimeters north of Chenggong Township. The cape that streches out to the sea is about one kilometer long. Awawan was formed by the narrow limestone rock promontory, reefs, sea erosion, and it slopes into the northeastern sea.
The headland is divided into several sections because of the erosion. At the front are sporadic reefs. There are two balanced rocks and a few potholes on the headland. The back of the headland is above the shore platform. It has two balanced rocks and numerous potholes. There is a sea headland, a sea wall and a sea cave. In the caves there is mainly the dissolved limestone.
Shaped like an elephant’s trunk, the cape that sticks out was formed by the conglomerate of rock layers from Dagongkou. The soft part of the sea erosion has long been divided into several sections during sea erosion. Local people call the hollow sea gate–Shikongbi (hollow rock trunk). On Shikongbi, there is a very strange phenomenon which is called the balanced rock. The balanced rock is a narrow rock that hangs up and holds up a piece of a larger rock on its tip which nakes it look like an umbrella. This special balance structure resembles an umbrella, and thus it is called Awana (Rock Unmbrella). ”

Photo by Yang An Shen