Siluo Bridge

The Siluo Bridge crossing over the Jhuoshuei River is the landmark of Siluo and used to be a traffic artery for the lengthwise road in western Taiwan. In 1912, the water of Beidou River and that of Huwei River converged on Siluo River bringing a great amount of silt.

You can pass through the river when river water is gone in winter. A bamboo raft becomes a critical transportation vehicle in summer when river water surges. The traffic is paralyzed during the rainy season causing inconvenience and danger. The local people set up a committee for bridge construction over Jhuoshuei River on May 24th, 1936 and pleaded the Japanese government. Construction of the bridge commenced in October 1937 and 32 piers were completed in March 1940. However, the construction was suspended due to the eruption of the Pearl Harbor war and the Japanese moved the material for the bridge to Hainan Island. After the war, Liao, Chong-Guang, the former Siluo Street Chief and Li, Yi-Tang, a senator, pleaded the congress of Tainan County and the Siluo Bridge Reconstruction Committee was established in 1948.

When Wei, Dao-Ming, the provincial chairman then, visited Siluo on May 25th, Liao, Wan-Lai, the supervisor, and Li, Yi-Tang, a congressman, presented a petition to the chairperson. In addition, they also stated and pleaded the provincial congress, the American embassy and the command headquarters of armored units time after time. On January 26th, 1950, more than thirty people, including the personnel from the provincial government, legislators, engineers of Economic Cooperation Administration, the US and members of the Council for United States Aid conducted a site survey. In 1951, the American government spent 1.3 million US dollars on steel material and the provincial government also provided 6 million New Taiwan dollars for the project. Taiwan Machinery Manufacturing Corporation and the Mechanical Engineering Department of the Ministry of Economic Affairs were in charge of bridge erection and painting projects respectively. Bridge construction resumed on May 28th, 1952 and completed on December 25th of the same year. This bridge has a total length of 1939.03 meters with 31 arches and used to be the No. 1 bridge in the Far East, only next to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Photo by Yang An Shen