Wulai is a small town in Taipei County, Taiwan, famous for it’s hot springs and aboriginal culture. The name of the town derives from the Atayal phrase kirofu ulai meaning “hot and poisonous”. Don’t let this scare you away from this lovely town! Consider going during the week if you can as it is quite crowded on the weekend. Also, in the summer, it might be a few degrees cooler than Taipei, but the elevation is not sufficient to provide real cooling.

This compact little town is easily covered on foot. There’s a map posted next to the bus stop, with all tourist destinations clearly marked in English. If the taxi drivers waiting there tell you that Wulai Waterfall is too far away to walk, don’t believe them: it’s a nice stroll of less than half an hour. The walk also passes through the open air market on Wulai Old Street, and continues to the falls via the “Lover’s Path”, which affords some nice views of the river gorge below the falls.

The Wulai Log Cart is a little train that brings you 1.6 km from the Wulai Old Street area to Wulai Waterfall and near the terminal of the gondola that brings you to Yun Hsien Resort, on the top of a nearby mountain. From the main tourist street in the town, cross the bridge, and take the wooden staircase across the road. It goes up to the left. Follow the pedestrian street to the station. The Wulai Log Cart costs NT$50 each way.

Photo by Yang An Shen