Wuling Farm

“For those interested in high mountain farm life there are several farms in these mountainous regions that welcome visitors and offer an insight in local rural life. One of the most prominent farms, which can be easily reached from Mt. Hehuan, is Wuling Farm, located about 29 kilometers from Lishan on the Yilan branch of the Central Cross-Island Highway. This farm was established in 1963 to provide employment for retired servicemen. On the more than 700 hectares of land, at an altitude of 1,740-2,100 meters, high-mountain fruits (pears, peaches, apples, etc.) and vegetables (cabbage, spinach, etc.) as well as tea (Qingxin Oolong) are grown. The spectacular scenery of the surrounding mountains, with nice walks to scenic spots like the 50-meter Taoshan Waterfall, creates an oasis of tranquillity. It is hard to tell the best time to visit Wuling Farm, as nearly all year round you will be delighted either by blossoming fruit orchards (spring and early summer ) or the abundance of harvest (summer and autumn). Formosan Salmon, also known as the “Cherry Blossom Hook Salmon”, which is unusual in this part of the world, is a very rare variety of fish on the verge of extinction. Wuling Farm is the home of this land-locked salmon and you can find it in the Qijiawan Creek Ecological Protection Area.”

Photo by Yang An Shen