Xiding is near the 54K point of Alishan Highway. It is the first place on the highway where mist can be viewed(54-56K) and is also where the sunrise can be viewed, which was why it used to be called “Yiding” (yi meaning sunrise in Chinese)

In the past visitors to Alishan would usually pass straight by but, after a recreational farm area was established by local farmers and artists and Xiding promoted as Alishan’s front garden, with beautiful mountain scenery, good food and aromatic coffee, it now attracts more visitors.

Xiding is located where the warm-temperate zone meets the sub-tropical zone and is also close to the Tropic of Cancer so a wide variety of farm products are produced; its jinxuan tea, qingxin wulong tea, persimmons and butterfly orchids are renowned.

Also, quite a few kinds of wild vegetable are grown locally and these are combined with papaya steamed ice cake, bitter tea oil rice noodles, tea jelly, tea wine, aiyu jelly and other traditional products to make distinctive local dishes.

Photo by Yang An Shen