【NEW Arrival】Taiwan STC Filter introducing Fujifilm X system:UV-IR Cut 650nm Clip filter

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STC UV-IR Cut Clip filter not only make your converted camera back to original color but also cost down budget and release your burden.

To modified camera for capture wider light wavelength in order to see that diversified world like Infrared / Astro photography is lot of Shutterbugs feel worth to invest in their advance application. Therefore, for that kind of camera to install a hot mirror lens (UV-IR Cut / IR Cut) as the glass original put front sensor is convenience and fastest, low cost way at daily used. But ample model of lenses with different size calibers, even more filter frame system, hood adapter…etc. make photographers to bear highly spend after converted camera.

STC Clip filter series product developing from「A Filter ALL Lenses」concept, assist shutters reduce the complexity of gears to compactness, release the carry weight for other essential equipment. Explore the potential world of super wide/fish eyes lens with only one filter.

Different camera brand has their own specific and color standard imperativeness. And for some users, the brand style also the reason for their choice. STC filter insists to import high quality material glass from Japan for each brand’s color style like Fujiflm 650nm. Extend rubbing process to 3 Newtons ring of glass flatness in order to challenge this high resolution age. To user no concern to level up equipment and gears at the same time, increase value of filter.

FA 650
  • Clip filter for Fujifilm APS-C is NOT compatible with some lenses because of the very limited of cabinet space. Please refer the 「Available camera and lenses」.

Support Brand:

  • Canon APS-C / Full-Frame / EOS R
  • Nikon APS-C / Full-Frame
  • Sony APS-C / Full-Frame
  • Fujifilm APS-C / Medium formate
  • Panasonic MTF / BMPCC / Em1 M2
  • Olympus MTF
  • PENTAX APS-C / Full-Frame / Medium formate


Clip filter function:

■ Sensor Protector

ND series:

■ ND8 (3-stop) up coming

■ ND16 (4-stop)

■ ND64 (6-stop)

■ ND400 (9-stop)

■ ND1000 (10-stop)


IR series:

■ IR Pass 590nm

■ IR Pass 720nm

■ IR Pass 850nm




Light pollution series:

■ Astro Multispectra (MS)

■ Astro Nightscape (NS)

■ Astro Duo-Narrowband (Duo-NB)


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