FOGRIP for Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III



  • Metal true leather grip makes EM5 body thickening, easy to grasp and hold.
  • 25% holding labor-saving thus increase 25% hand-held endurance.
  • One-hand fold/unfold the grip, very easy to use.
  • Tough but light aerospace-level aluminum alloy weighs 92g
  • Six leather colors for choice.
  • Unique foldable design allows the camera to lay flat.
  • Access to battery door without removing grip.
  • Quick-release plates supported.
  • L-Bracket supported.
  • Reduce the rate of Carpal tunnel syndrome.

Product Detail

STC FOGRIP (foldable hand grip) attracts extensive attention from photographers and amateurs since it announced in 2019. The neat structure makes camera lay flat and unique foldable grip increase the hand-held endurance, saving holding labor. Support quick-release plates and L-bracket for vertical composition. Exchange battery without remove FOGRIP. The thoughtful strap holder design for camera strap or hand strap makes lens face down to prevent collision when passing through crowd.

The new FOGGRIP for Olympus E-M5 Mark III advance improves some structure. It adds ball joint structure on the grip to not easy loose when close and open. It also effectively decreases the chance of scratches, scuffs, and paint loss from typical use. The ditches of branch grip raise the frictional force for palm and make FOGRIP look stylish. To the flatly Olympus E-M5 Mark III body, Metal true leather grip lets it thickening to easy to grasp and hold.

Compatible Model :
OlympusO-MD E-M5 Mark III
MaterialAluminum alloy, true Leather

Exsample Photo