FOGRIP for Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark III



  • Metal holding grip covered with colored leather improves the comfort holding EM5M3 camera body, stylish and cozy.
  • 25% holding labor-saving thus increase 25% hand-held endurance.
  • One-hand fold/unfold the grip, very easy to use.
  • Tough but light aerospace-level aluminum alloy weighs 92g
  • Six leather colors for choice.
  • Unique foldable design allows the camera to lay flat.
  • Access to battery door without removing grip.
  • Quick-release plates/vertical plates supported.

Product Detail

STC FOGRIP (foldable handgrip) has attracted a great interest from photographers and amateurs since the Sony A7III one launched in October 2019. EM5mk3 cameras with Fogrip can lay flat on the table, the stretch of the grip supports the palm and fingers thus increase 25% of the holding endurance, reduce the possibility of carpel tunnel syndrome from long hours or heavy gears shooting. STC Forgrip and the extra vertical quick-release plate can slide on Arca-Swiss tripod directly and the battery door of the camera is also accessible with the fogrip is equipped. The ergonomic hand or shoulder strap buckle design makes lens face downward to prevent collision when passing through crowd.

New version FOGRIP for Olympus E-M5 Mark III has improved in several dimensions. The supporting structure turned to tiny metal ball joints so it is able to moderate the tightness opening or closing the stretched grip, it also effectively reduce the anodized scratch of the contact plane. The wing-like stylish grooves on the stretched grip improved the holding resistance. Also the E-M5 mark 3 customized metal grip coated with colored leather is to improve the comfort holding the relatively thinner camera body, furthermore, to stabilize hand and camera body when clicking the shutter.


Compatible Model :
OlympusO-MD E-M5 Mark III
MaterialAluminum alloy, true Leather

Exsample Photo

  • FOGRIP快展手把-1_EM1 Mii

  • FOGRIP快展手把-1_EM1 Mii

  • FOGRIP快展手把-1_EM1 Mii