Hybrid (-0.5EV) CPL Filter

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  • Made by German Schott® B270 optical crown glass, the total thickness is 1.6mm, pretty thin and light.
  • The most highest transmission polarizing film in the world. 65% transmission rate and 70% polarizing rate make low light photography with CPL possible.
  • Low reflectivity under 0.6%.
  • Double-sided Anti-reflection coating reduces lens flare effect.
  • High-quality double-sided NANO Anti-smudge coating build excellent performance on waterproof and grease-proof.
  • Super slim 6mm aluminum rim eliminate vignetting problem on wide angle lens.
  • Antistatic coating makes the glass easy to keep clean.
  • The quality of glass surface flatness is up to 20/40, which is suitable for high resolution camera and 600mm or more focal length telescope lens.
  • Black-rimmed glass and matte black anodized frame design eliminates flare.
  • Teflon-coated knurled thread is easy to install or remove from your lens, and available for lens cap and hood.

Product Detail

In order to solve the problem of light-reducing and over-polarization as using CPL filter, STC utilize the state-of-the-art polarizing material to achieve the highest transmission rate of 65% on Hybrid CPL filter. Merely reducing 0.5 stop on camera, it’s not only your best choice of CPL without vignetting and color cast, also a solid UV protector to be your companion traveling all over the world. No matter indoor or outdoor scenario, one multi-function filter is propitious to record any legendary moment.



Available size58mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm
MaterialSCHOTT® B270 Optical Glass, Japanese Polarizing Film
Thickness1.6mm Glass, 3.5mm Rim
Polarizing Rate70%
Transmission63% ±2
Reflection< 0.6%
Water Drop Contact Angle> 110°
PassedRoHS 2.0

Example Photo

  • HybridCPL Example Photo
  • HybridCPL Example Photo
  • HybridCPL Example Photo
  • HybridCPL Example Photo