Clip Interchangeable (IC) Filter Series

Canon EOS R - IC Clip Filter
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  • Made for Canon EOS R, FUJIFILM GFX camera bodies, ‘One filter, any lens’ saves the cost and space for photographers desire to get various filter effects like ND, IR, light pollution cut and even sensor protection.
  • Mounting and removing the Clip IC Filter is quick, easy and safe.
  • Aerospace level 6061 aluminum alloy processed by CNC machining which is virtually non-magnetic, stable and strong that users can exchange the filter glass themselves.
  • The patented glass embedded design made the frame hold the glass firm and steady. The glass won’t get distortion by pressure or thermal expansion or contraction thus the image is clear even in long focal length.
  • High-quality double-sided NANO Anti-smudge coating build excellent performance on waterproof and grease-proof, so the filter is easy to clean.

Product Detail

Inherits the ‘One filter – Any Lens’ idea, STC Clip InterChangeable(IC) Filter is developed to demonstrates significant cost savings for photographers, eliminating the need to purchase multiple filters in differing sizes to fit various lenses also it ease the burden of luggage size and weight for traveler photographers. Evenmore, the clip IC filter allows photographers to exchange the filter glass of different effects themselves. The Clip Filters from STC can be combined with STC’s traditional circular filters to give creatives a broader palette of artistic and practical possibilities.

New-generation special designed clip-shaped structure could be easily imbedded and firmly stabilized while attaching the lens on camera body. Therefore, the paralleled focal plane could ensure focusing performance clearly. The functional filters ranges from clear quartz – sensor protector, four different grades ND, Astro light pollution filters that cut-off most artificial lights, and the IR pass and cut filters for to use with IR converted cameras. STC filters are prominent for its anti-smudge and antistatic nano coatings thus the filter got perfect optical performance and is very easy to clean.

The new CNC process filter frame is black anodized 6061 aerospace aluminum alloy which is virtually non-magnetic and less brittle at low temperature. The new spring clip button design make it completely safe and extremely simple to install and remove by press the button from the left side. An exclusive screwdriver tooling in the filter box allows photographer to exchange the filter glass themselves only follow our guiding videos or instructions. More creative images can be discovered by your photographer’s eye.


Available cameraCanon EOS R series
Sony Full-Frame series
Nikon Z series
Fujifilm GFX series
Sensor Protector :
Canon EOS R / Nikon Z / SONY APS-C / SONY FF / FUJIFILM APS-C / FUJIFILM GFX / Olympus M43 / Panasonic M43
Neutral Density Filter :
ND 8 (3 stop) / ND16 (4 stop) / ND32 (5 stop) / ND64 (6 stop) / ND400 (9 stop) / ND1000 (10 stop)
Infrared Filter : 590nm/ 720nm /850nm
UV-IR Cut Filter :
615nm / 625nm / 635nm / 650nm
Astro Filter : Multispectra / Duo-Narrowband / Nightscape
MaterialSCHOTT® B270 Optical Glass, Aerospace level 6061 aluminum alloy
Water Drop Contact Angle> 110°
PassedRoHS 2.0


  • For optical interference coating glass, the color shift problem that may occur due to the wide angle SLR lens in peripheral areas of the image could be reduced. The SLR lenses focal distance is recommended for 14mm or more.
  • Please understand the change in optical axis with the installation of clip filter, the angle of view will then become wider.
  • Please be advised to have your CMOS sensor side face to the sky when you remove the clip filter.

Example Photo

  • Clip Filter Series
  • Clip Filter Series