About STC

Founded in 2010, based on globally recognized Taiwan optical and precision process industry and technology, STC integrated worldwide advanced material, emerging technology and Taiwan local technique, researched and developed a series of professionally Made in Taiwan OBM optical products. STC provides reliable and really high standard products with the central idea of user interaction experience and the promise to our customers. STC also provides integrated business solution from designing, developing to after service.

Core technology and product

A. Ultra Layer® optical UV filter

STC releases the redesigned Ultra Layer® optical UV filter series in 2013. The size ranges from 19mm to 122 mm, includes Ultra Layer® UV Filter, Ultra Layer® Circular Polarizing(CPL) Filter, Ultra Layer® Variable Neutral Density(VND) Filter, Ultra Layer® IR Pass Filter with the highest quality that is super slim, light, duplex AR coating, 100% UV block, 99.38% transmission, waterproof, anti-grease, 9H hardness and chemical strengthen impact-resistant.

B. Nano optical coating PET base/ Optical glass base film

STC optical nano coating PET/ glass film dedicated most on the smoothness while touching and easy to DIY. The highest silicone 50μm coating leads to those anti-glare, anti-scratch, anti-bacteria, anti-grease and self-repair PET film products. It applies extensively on notebook screen, mobile phone touch panel, digital camera panel, camera lens and mostly pad/tablet panels.

STC, creativity, high-quality and durability

STC is not satisfied with the 40+ channels and distributors in southern-east Asia but would like to introduce its own extraordinary products to worldwide customers. STC keeps working on R&D and professional-photographer specialized product that our users can take it with their next expedition.