STC Optical filter from Taiwan launches its world premiere new product in Photokina 2016

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STC Optical filter from Taiwan launches its world premiere new product in Photokina 2016


Taiwan STC filter is famous in Asia for its abundant product line, Ultra Layer® UV Protector, CPL, ND, IR filter, mobile phone lens filter, color temperature fader and also some customized pocket camera or wide angle lens filter adapters.  First time joining the world biggest Photo equipment and image exhibition Photokina, STC plans to launch five new collections below to satisfy the needs of professional or amateur photographers of various themes.


  1. E-warmer Defog filter

Photographers are so disturbed by condensation on camera lens in night time and cold weather, happening just 10˚F (5˚C) difference of the dew-point and ambient temperature.  STC E-Warmer Filter applies ITO(Indium Tin Oxide) coating on 1mm optical glass.  By virtue of its high level of transmittance and electrical conductivity, you can warm up your filter and lens with just a smart sensor and a power bank which is easy to carry and to operate.



  1. Hydrophilic Filter

Taking photo or video in the rain or next to the waterfall may sometimes be difficult for the disturbance of the shortage of light and water drop adhesive on the lens. The new Hydrophilic coating made the coating itself absorbs the water on its surface and condensed no water drop. So the image would be clear and sharp as filmed in the sunny day.


  1. Aqua-Red Underwater Fader

When taking underwater photography, the light you are recording is filtered by the water it passes through. Longer wavelength reds and oranges are absorbed, it left only blue until 33 ft. deep. STC Aqua-Red Underwater Fader adopts polarizing film and rotated mechanism to adjust the spectrum of shorter wavelength greens and blues at different depth or water path.





  1. Ultra-Flat Protector Filter

The ultimate flatness is the strategy that STC plans to have its customer overcome the challenge of the coming big megapixel war. The image remains sharp and clear even you zoom-in and zoom-in, and your filter will not be outdated in future five years. The time we took on grinding the surface flatness is tens even hundred times standout with its peers.



  1. STC Astro Narrowband Duo Filter

The fascination of astro photography inspired STC on its progression of the technology of coating and light communication.  STC Astro Narrowband Duo allows only light sharp of 500nm and 650nm of some special emission nebulas to come in and suppress more visible light pollution for to observe and record the splendid outerspace.


STC optical filter with its ULTRA LAYER® process is light, thin, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The surface flatness and the coating technology is the effort we pay for to help you better grasp the reality of the image you see.


You are welcome to check STC official website: and visit STC Facebook fan page: for further detail.

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