Sapphire Protector

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  • Sapphire cover 3
  • Sapphire cover 3
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  • Sapphire cover 3


  • Made with 0.6mm Taiwan single-crystal silicon which is also used for semiconductor fabrication, it can withstand impact of 800MPa.
  • The lowest optical difference path design is to reduce the reflection and diffraction efficiently.
  • Duplex vibration reduction designation transfer the kinetic energy to heat made the filter strong enough to pass the golf ball free drop test from 200cm high.
  • The optical coating suppresses not only the ultraviolet light before 400nm and infrared light after 650nm corrects most color cast for 82mm. And for 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm we remove UV light only.
  • Ultra slim 5mm frame design is to AVOID vignetting even use with wide angle lens, and the aluminum material may absorb most of the shock to reduce the impact deliver to the lens.
  • Carbon coated glass rim absorbs infrared reflection, therefore reduces flare and ghost in the image.
  • Duplex anti-reflection coating raise the transmittance to 99.5% and the reflection lower than 0.5%.
  • Duplex anti-smudge coating seal up the glass from humidity, and the antistatic coating made the filter water-resistant, dust and dirt resistant and easy to clean.
  • STC filter series screw thread is design for to fit its original lens cap.

Product Detail

With testing and developing for many years, STC represents the world premiere “Sapphire Protector” which is of the minimum optical path difference that reduces diffraction in the glass therefore reduces flare and ghost. STC adopted the world thinnest single-crystal semiconductor glass, its structure by nature made the filter as strong as the chemical-strengthen 800Mpa glass. It will provide you with most trusty protection on both lens and images.

On the glass STC precisely polish and grind to make the surface flatness less than 4Å (also known as the wave is within ±4cm on 100km diameter lake.) The optical coating technology corrects color cast by suppressing ultraviolet light and infrared light, and the transmittance of visible light 400nm-650nm is 99.5%. Carbon coated glass rim that reduces reflection in the glass and the duplex coating that make the filter handy applied to all STC filter series.

The frame of Sapphire applies duplex vibration reduction design that absorbs the impact on the glass. Also the aluminum material absorbs the impact on the ring and stretch without transferring to you precious lens. All the details in CNC knurling, thread, thickness, Teflon and matte black anodizing are to make the filter almost no vignetting, fits the original lens cap, easy to install and to remove, reduce the reflection to help you get more perfect images.



Available Size62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, Clip in Filter
MaterialTaiwan Single-crystal Silicon
Thickness0.7mm Glass、2.5mm Rim
Reflectivity< 0.5%
Depth of CS800Mpa
82mm Spectrum400~650nm
Water Drop Contact Angle> 110°
PassedRoHS 2.0

Example Photo

  • Sapphire UV Filter
  • Sapphire UV Filter
  • Sapphire UV Filter
  • Sapphire UV Filter