Super Hi-Vision (-1EV) CPL Filter

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  • Made by 1.6mm Germany SCHOTT® optical glass with Japanese polarizing film.
  • Ultra slim 6mm frame design is to AVOID vignetting even use with wide angle lens.
  • Ultra light aluminum frame ease your burden when carry it.
  • Both-sided multiple coating reduces reflectivity and made the glass easy to clean with anti-smudge (water contact angle > 110°), antistatic and scratch resistant coatings.
  • Telescope lens applicable.
  • Matte black anodized frame design eliminates flare.
  • Teflon-coated knurled thread is easy to install or remove from your lens, and the is available for lens cap and hood.

Product Detail

In honor of legendary MINOLTA CPL

Circular Polarizer(CPL) is used to deepen and enhance the color of blue skies, or to reduce the reflection and glare from glass windows, water or foliage in landscape photography. STC CPL-M filter opens the window to a more vivid color and contrast detail when your eyes are misled by reflection. Using its linear spectrum controlling technology, STC realize the replica of the legendary Minolta CPL lens – the STC ULTRA LAYER® CPL-M Filter delivers vivid images with high-quality, sharpness and clarity. STC CPL-M is so charming for its abundance of color and sketching the scene realistically, also it solved the thickness problem and the color cast problem in digital times. It applied to both modern digital camera or to traditional film camera as long as the photographer is pursuing perfect image quality as we do.



Available Size46mm, 49mm, 52mm, 58mm, 62mm, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 95mm, 105mm
MaterialSCHOTT® B270 Optical Glass, Nitto Polarizing Film
Thickness1.6mm Glass, 3.5mm Rim
Polarizing Rate99%
Transmission45% ±2
Reflectivity< 0.6%
Water Drop Contact Angle> 110°
PassedRoHS 2.0

Example Photo

  • Sapphire UV Filter
  • CPL Example Photo
  • CPL Example Photo
  • CPL Example Photo