Ultrarmor Smartphone Lens Glass Protector

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  • Ultra slim 0.3mm laser-cut optical tempered glass provides impact-resistance and 99% high definition clarity.
  • Industry leading harness 9H chemical strengthened glass protects your screen from shattering.
  • Multiple anti-smudge, anti-reflectivity, blue-light cut coating prevents excessive fingerprinting and made the film easy to clean.
  • 80μm thick optical clear silicone adhesive adheres to iPhone 6 lens without gaps or bubbles and easy to install.
  • Anti-shattered film coating protects you and your phone even if it breaks.

Product Detail

Invisible Ultimate Armor of your precious smartphone camera lens.

Using the same high quality 0.3mm glass as DSLR lens filter, STC Ultrarmor iPhone lens protector brings you the clear, vivid image and the ultimate protection to your smartphone lens.


Available PhoneiPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus
Material0.4mm Japan AGCi Glass, OCA (Optical Clear Adhesive)
Depth of CS40 kg/cm2
Water Drop Contact Angle> 110°
Glass Hardness9H
PassedRoHS 2.0