STC from Taiwan launches its world premiere new products in CP+2015

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There are various themes of photography and the need of each customer will be satisfied by STC’s launch of three new collections of filter,

1. The upgraded impact-resistant “Titan UV Filter”

Made of CORNING® Gorilla® 3 glass, STC had it tempered to withstand 650MPa (even firecracker) impact with 1.1mm thickness. The ultimate flatness is the strategy that STC help its customers to overcome the coming big megapixel war. It provides better protection while taking photo in some festival celebration.


2. Minimize cross effect ND16-512 and ND32-1024 Variable ND Filter

STC upgraded its ND2-64 Variable ND filter to ND16-512 and ND32-1024 to satisfy customer need of catching the movement in the bright scene. 2013 STC VND is popular for it is light, thin, of low color cast, and of slightest cross effect. STC VND is also applicable for telephoto lens standout with its peers.


3. Functional two-in one CPL-M ND8, CPL-M ND16Filter

STC CPL-M ND Filter is your solution to take photo in scenic waterfalls and streams. You can remove the reflection of wet rock and leave, meanwhile slow your shutter and catch the ribbon-like running water. The combination makes it more convenient and waive the vignetting may occurred with the thick frame.


STC filter with its ULTRA LAYER® process is light, thin, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. The ultimate flatness is the strategy that STC customers may overcome the challenge of the coming big megapixel war. The image remains sharp and clear even you zoom-in and zoom-in, and your filter will not be outdated in future five years.

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