STC Optics Brings New Products to 2017 Bangkok Photo Fair

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Taiwan STC optical filter is joining 2017 Thailand Bangkok International Photo Fair again at the booth D-40 in the Bangkok BITEC Centre on 29 Nov. to 3 Dec., to see our old friends in eastern Asia and introduce our full product series to professional or amateur photographers. STC Optical Filter brings three NEW concept filters in 2017 Photo Fair Bangkok, the most eye-catching design is Clip-in Filter for Canon, Nikon, Sony FF/APS-C, Pentax, Fujifilm, and Olympus M43 camera body. For astrophotographers, Clip Filter with Astro glass can effectively block artificial light, intensify nebula emission lines, and simultaneously solve color shift problem due to optical interference coating. For infrared and long exposure photography, it’s efficient to change lens without removing filters. Framed by Teflon stainless steel and sponge, STC Clip filter is non-magnetic and it can even become a strong barrier for your CMOS sensor.

Second, STC won 2017 Reddot design award for its Aqua-Red underwater fader. Applied new polarizing material, STC developed a NEW Aqua-Rose Underwater Fader that the filter color turn from neutral to red while rotating the frame. It can then work from ground to 18m deep in the sea. It works well on adjusting image quality and depth of field caused by long wavelength red and orange light absorbed by the water. The scenery will then be corrected and become more vivid.

STC also brings Astro Duo-Narrowband filter for capturing specific wavelengths of gaseous and planetary nebulae for nebulae astrophotographers. With the technical capability to coat on the wafer, STC allows only 5nm high transmissions at 656nm and 500nm sharply, blocked the long wavelengths to make it possible to take M8, M27 and M8 in downtown Taipei. The post production is also becaome easier shooting with this single filter.

Moreover, STC cross-over to mobile phone photography again collaborate with Innerexile to build a series of filters fit for mobile phone camera lens. Its various functions like CPL that removes the reflection, VND that will moderate the brightness, ICELAVA that change the color temperature, infrared filter that strengthen the color detail, are designed to fulfill the creativity of every mobile phone photographer.

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